About Sentury-Landsail

Sentury-Landsail tyres are produced on the Industry 4.0 high-end production lines that guarantee constant quality. During this production process, the manufacturer has also managed to reduce the environmental load based on its own green objectives. The chosen combination of the tyre construction and the tread design in all versions ensures very impressive performance on both dry and wet roads. The applied production techniques, the rubber compound and the sophisticated tread construction also generate good, average label values.

Sentury-Landsail tyres are characterised by a special tread design that easily evacuates water and dirt. This significantly reduces the risk of hydroplaning. As a result, optimal traction is maintained under most circumstances, including sudden braking and swerving manoeuvres. The available treads vary from simple but effective to ingenious and sophisticated, and therefore always offer maximum performance.

Sentury-Landsail tyres are available in a wide range of types and sizes. Sentury-Landsail has a tyre available for the smaller family car, the mid-segment and the luxury and larger SUV. We also have a ‘powerhouse’ available for heavier work.